South Florida Chapter

South Florida community has actively supported ChildLife since 2013. The community has held fundraisers to build and support Triage Block at ChildLife’s Emergency Room, Lyari General Hospital. Since inception of the Emergency Room in 2018, ChildLife successfully treated 68851 children free-of-cost. South Florida chapter also funds SINA Clinic – South Florida Centre located in Machar Colony and since Feb 2013, 107108 deserving children received treatment.

Past Events

ChildLife South Florida Chapter: Fundraiser: Friday, August 2, 2019

ChildLife South Florida Chapter: Fundraiser: Sunday, September,09,2018

Chapter Team

  • Saleem Suriya
  • Yasir Billoo
  • Amin Naviwala
  • Khalid Mirza

Dr. Mahreen Siddiqui South Florida

Dr. Birjees Alam South Florida

Mr. Mujahid Farooq from Florida