Telemedicine Sites

ChildLife’s Telemedicine facility headquartered at Children Emergency Room, Civil Hospital, Karachi. This facility is effectively incorporated at 10 ChildLife ERs through the use of high-resolution cameras. Telemedicine not only provides assistance in decision making to the staff on ground but also achieves the goal of providing quality care through virtual rounds by the specialist. Telemedicine is proving to be a game changer in saving lives – at least ONE life is saved every hour.

In addition, ChildLife has established Telemedicine Satellite Centres (TSCs) in secondary care hospitals across Pakistan’s rural areas. To date, ChildLife runs a total of 56 TSCs that cover all 30 districts of Sindh and all 33 districts of Balochistan. At each of these satellite centres, qualified BLS, PALS & PEMCN trained nurse is deputed to provide treatment to the patients as per the tele-consultation of the physician sitting in the headquarter.